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SportCrafters Omnium Trainer

item #SCF0001
Price: $449.00
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SportCrafters Omnium Trainer
SportCrafters Omnium Trainer description:
Few sights get our heart rates up faster than a bank of trainers set up in a shaded corner of a parking lot half an hour before start time, and few trainers are as easy to transport and set up as the SportCrafters Omnium Trainer. With a quick-release faux axle up front and a pair of Made-in-Indiana drums in the back, the Omnium lets you pop your race machine in for warming up or down without worrying about instability or rear tire wear. The ARC Power Modulation feature also means that whether you're warming up for an event that begins in minutes or getting a head start on your training during the depths of winter, you'll experience dynamic resistance that mimics road riding. ARC involves internal magnets that migrate toward the drum walls as you spin the rear wheel up, so resistance increases with speed for an on-the-road feel while you're on the trainer.

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