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Saucony Freedom ISO Running Shoe - Men's

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Price: $149.95 Buy Saucony Freedom ISO Running Shoe - Men's
Saucony Freedom ISO Running Shoe - Men's
Saucony Freedom ISO Running Shoe - Men's description:
Since 1898, Saucony has been creating and inovating. So it should come as no surprise that Men's Freedom ISO Running Shoe is a direct combination of creative design and innovative, dynamic performance. That being said, the Freedom ISO is designed specifically for long-distance runs and offers an unencumbered approach to running, allowing you to make the most of your miles rather than be held back by a pair of crummy running shoes. To differentiate the Freedom from the rest of the Saucony lineup, designers equipped withe shoe with a truly unique and, well again, innovative (to say the least) midsole. This technology consists of a full-length TPU that Saucony has dubbed "Everun." And while Everun certainly isn't a new technology by any means (as Saucony has been using it as an insert, if you will, in their midsoles for years now), there's very few other companies or Saucony-specific shoes that feature a full-length TPU midsole. Granted, that's all fine and dandy but if you're more of a facts-first kind of person, read on. The Freedom's Everun midsole provides 83% more energy return, three times more durability than conventional EVA foam, and offers more dependable cushioning at cold temperatures. That's a pretty alright combination if you ask us. Additionally, the Freedom has a neutral construction, 4mm drop, and caters to runners with high to normal arches. This design combination helps encourage a natural stride. Meanwhile, the Isofit upper consists of a mesh material that not only breathes well for passive ventilation, but it also provides a snug fit for a barely-there feel. Reflective accents on the Freedom enhance overall visibility when running in low-light conditions, and the reinforced edge at the toe's perimeter doubles down on the shoe's longevity. And, not to mention, the Freedom is equipped with a flexible crystal rubber that's more durable than blown rubber, so you're able to tack on the miles, confidently.

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