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St Anthony Industries Custom Denim and Leather Shop Apron

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Price: $89.00 Buy St Anthony Industries Custom Denim and Leather Shop Apron
St Anthony Industries Custom Denim and Leather Shop Apron
St Anthony Industries Custom Denim and Leather Shop Apron description:
There's an unspoken rule that cyclists also have to love coffee. We're not sure why, or how the rule originated, but the association is reaffirmed by evidence spanning the classic image of Coppi at a six day race to virtually any current pro's social media account. Coffee is cycling, and that relationship provided the inspiration behind the Saint Anthony Industries Custom Denim & Leather Shop Apron. We partnered with Saint Anthony to combine the brand's craftsmanship with our mutual love of cycling and coffee. The apron is based on the Machinist apron model, which is designed for barista work, but we petitioned Saint Anthony to adapt it from the coffee bar to the mechanic's bench by deepening the pockets so they'll hold wrenches. This means the pockets also have a tendency to irretrievably swallow chain pins and housing ends, but being able to bend over a bottom bracket or saddle clamp without the risk of a torque wrench toppling out of a shallow pocket and onto the top tube of your carbon race machine is worth it. It turns out that mechanics and baristas apparently have very similar needs, coverage-wise, as the apron's dimensions are within a couple of inches of the ubiquitous, flimsy aprons made by bicycle tool brands. The body fabric is provided by Cone Denim, an outfit that has been milling high-quality cotton in North Carolina since the ambitiously named brothers Moses and Ceasar Cone launched the brand in 1891. In cycling terms, Cone is to American denim as Campagnolo is to Italian derailleurs. In addition to being durable, the material is breathable for pit wrenching during those early 'cross races where the mornings feel fall-ish but the temperatures rise with the sun and, by the time the A's are on-course, it's bright and balmy outside. Saint Anthony acquires the leather for the straps as complete hides, cutting, stamping, and riveting it in-house--the true craftsman's touch. Everything is 100% made in the USA, and the apron itself is assembled in ...

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