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Santini Monza-Milano Summer Glove

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Price: $30.95
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Santini Monza-Milano Summer Glove
Santini Monza-Milano Summer Glove description:
You've grown tired of staring down at the bars and looking at the same pair of gloves day-in and day-out, but your old pair is perfectly fine. Instead of tossing it for a new one, stage a temporary swap for the weeks during and leading up to the Giro with the Santini Monza-Milano Summer Glove. Commemorating the 100th anniversary of this cornerstone of the summer race calendar, this special edition glove comes with lightweight palm padding, a breathable construction, and a terry sweatband on the thumb for keeping your face clean. Grippy accents on the palm provide dexterity in the cockpit, and the stretchy cuffs preserve a clean, secure fit.

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