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Santini Maglia Nera Summer Glove

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Santini Maglia Nera Summer Glove
Santini Maglia Nera Summer Glove description:
The Santini Maglia Nera Summer Gloves celebrate a historic, lesser known classification jersey from Italy's Grand Tour. The black jersey, or Maglia Nera, was awarded from 1946 to 1951 to the rider who finished last in the general classification. This surprisingly sought after jersey led to tales of faked mechanicals and other antics in efforts to finish last in the peloton. With a nod to this jersey, the Maglia Nera Gloves are a perfectly ironic addition to any race situation and add some style to leisurely rides with a coffee and donut stop along the way. With a classic short finger style and just the right amount of padding, these gloves provide the support and protection needed for warm weather riding without any extra bulk. Breathable fabrics ensure your hands stay cool and dry while a sweatband-like material across the back of the thumbs provides a soft surface for wiping sweat from your face or glasses without worries of scratching.

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