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Salomon S-Lab Peak 20L Backpack

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Price: $224.95 Buy Salomon S-Lab Peak 20L Backpack
Salomon S-Lab Peak 20L Backpack
Salomon S-Lab Peak 20L Backpack description:
You don't have to choose between shouldering a bulky bag and flirting with dangerous dehydration levels when you have the Salomon S-Lab Peak 20 Set Hydration Pack. It's equipped with a vest-like fit, compact design, and stretch materials so you can move freely while still carrying everything you need for grueling all-day trail runs. The MotionFit Trail back system combines light, breathable mesh, stretchy materials, and a balanced load design to keep the pack stable when you're moving across shifting terrain. Compression straps keep everything cinched up for even more stability. Soft Twin Link chest straps replace traditional waist and sternum straps with elastic straps that won't inhibit movement. Silicone waterproofing on the fabric repels water when you run into rain, and multiple pockets keep everything organized. The two stretch side pockets are designed to hold Salomon 500ml flasks (not included), but they can hold other water bottles as well. 4D pole holders store your trekking poles when you decide to trade a trail run in for an intense hike.

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