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Sage ESN Fly Rod - 4 Piece

item #SAG001G
Price: $899.00 Buy Sage ESN Fly Rod - 4 Piece
Sage ESN Fly Rod - 4 Piece
Sage ESN Fly Rod - 4 Piece description:
When the odds of landing a trout on a dry fly is next to none and clear skies have made streamer fishing a waist of time, piece together the Sage ESN Fly Rod and take a few Czech-style nymphs out of your fly box. Utilizing Sage's iconic KonneticHD technology, this long fly rod provides a lighter, more sensitive, and responsive feel that'll enable you to feel the difference between the subtle strike of a trout and the dead weight of a moss-covered log. In addition to the increased sensitivity of KonneticHD technology, the rod's superior shock absorption also protects the light, fine tippets you'll be using when fishing a Euro-style nymph rig.

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