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Sage Domain Series Fly Reel

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Sage Domain Series Fly Reel
Sage Domain Series Fly Reel description:
Sage's latest offering of the Domain Fly Reel is a hats-off to traditional full-frame reels for anglers with an appreciation for the old ways, but that's not to say that it doesn't include all the modern innovations that have made Sage a go-to for guides and serious anglers the world over. The fully machined aerospace aluminum is cold forged and tempered for exceptional strength and is also hard anodized to protect from corrosion and natural wear and tear from time spent on the water. Although the Domain is an old school reel in many ways, it does sport a large arbor for quick line pick up, and can still be palmed when playing big bucks and saucy hens. Like all Sage reels, the Domain is fitted with the proven SCS (sealed carbon system) drag. This American-made drag system makes for a liquid-smooth inertia, and consistent pressure to protect your leader, so you can eventually turn that stubborn fish toward your net. The system is completely sealed to protect from water, dirt, and salt, and is completely maintenance free. Realizing that one size of drag doesn't work in all reels, Sage custom sizes each drag to fit the different sizes of its reels, so you aren't trying to turn a tarpon with the same size of drag you would a two pound brookie. The drag is easily adjusted through the One Revolution Drag, which features numbered settings and audible clicks, so you can quickly change between cast and retrieve settings with a quick click. Like all Sage products, the Domain comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can enjoy the silky smooth feel of this reel for years to come.

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