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Rotor QX1 Mountain Chainring

item #RTR002G
Price: $89.99 Buy Rotor QX1 Mountain Chainring
Rotor QX1 Mountain Chainring
Rotor QX1 Mountain Chainring description:
Rotor's QX1 Mountain Chainrings bring oval efficiency to the trail with durable construction and stiff power transfer that pairs perfectly with your Shimano XT M8000 and XTR M9000 crankset. Ovals aren't a new idea, but they've been gaining traction across disciplines with claims of boosted efficiency by minimizing dead spots through the pedal stroke. On-trail, this translates to better acceleration, smoother torque, and improved grip through turns and berms. Additionally, the alternating thick and thin tooth profile keeps your chain from dropping -- even in the roughest conditions.Please note that these chainrings are specific to crankset, with slightly different cutouts designed to pair with the specified model.

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