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Rotor Shimano Outer Aero Q-Ring

item #RTR002D
Price: $175.00 Buy Rotor Shimano Outer Aero Q-Ring
Rotor Shimano Outer Aero Q-Ring
Rotor Shimano Outer Aero Q-Ring description:
Round chainrings aren't going away anytime soon, but ovalized rings are becoming a much more common sight within the peloton. Carrying claims of reduced dead spots and increased pedaling efficiency, Rotor's Shimano Outer Aero Q-Ring is the ideal upgrade for any cyclist searching willing to stray from tradition in search of a few extra elusive watts. This chainring attaches to your current four-bolt Shimano crankset and offers three positioning options to let you truly dial in your pedal stroke. Please note that this generation of Q-Ring isn't compatible with Dura-Ace 9100 or Ultegra R8000 cranksets.

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