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Rotor ITA 30 Ceramic Bottom Bracket

item #RTR001W
Price: $208.00 Buy Rotor ITA 30 Ceramic Bottom Bracket
Rotor ITA 30 Ceramic Bottom Bracket
Rotor ITA 30 Ceramic Bottom Bracket description:
You've just picked up a shiny new Rotor 3D+ crankset to take advantage of that beefy 30mm axle's stiff and efficient power transfer, and the last piece of the build puzzle is Rotor's ITA 30 Ceramic Bottom Bracket. It uses Enduro ceramic hybrid cartridge bearings for smooth turning cranks and no wasted efforts when powering of the line or punching out of corners. The bearings are the same silky smooth rollers found in Rotor's ceramic BB30 or Pressfit 30 bottom bracket system, just housed in internal cups to pair with an Italian threaded shell. Rotor CNC machines the cups from 7075 aluminum, and then polishes them and adds an anodized Red finish to pretty things up a bit.

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