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Rotor QX1 Aero Road Chainring

item #RTR001E
Price: $119.00 Buy Rotor QX1 Aero Road Chainring
Rotor QX1 Aero Road Chainring
Rotor QX1 Aero Road Chainring description:
While it hasn't yet found a competitive home outside of crits and triathlon, one-by technology has certainly proven its worth in those two disciplines. Rotor's QX1 Aero Road Chainring ushers the nascent technology into the land of ovalized chainrings, netting claimed gains in efficiency for the one-by set. Despite its signature shape, the oval ring maintains chain tension throughout the pedal stroke and plays nicely with clutch rear derailleurs. The one-by version is also more ovalized than the standard (Dare we call it "traditional"' No, no we daren't.) Rotor ring, bumping up to 12. 5% instead of the original 10%. That makes the sweet spot of the pedal stroke that much sweeter, letting you linger in the degrees where you're putting the most power into the bottom bracket.

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