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Rotor 3D Plus Road Crankarms

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Rotor 3D Plus Road Crankarms
Rotor 3D Plus Road Crankarms description:
Carbon cranksets might be all the rage, but those of us looking for a certain aesthetic, or certain stiffness, are still inclined to look to well-made, machined aluminum cranks to complete our builds. The Rotor 3D Plus Road Crankarms are the pinnacle of alloy crank construction. They're Trinity drilled, like most Rotor cranks, which relieves excess material without compromising strength or stiffness in the process -like a much-safer drillium. The result is similar to a box-truss bridge, and is as stiff as you'd expect a Rotor crank to be. The 3D Plus Road also uses a 30mm spindle, but thanks to Rotor's work on the bottom bracket front, it'll fit everything from traditional, 28mm threaded bottom brackets to BB Right, to BB30, so no matter what kind of bike you're riding, you can ride Rotor cranks. Additionally, the 3D Plus are designed to accept any kind of rings, including Rotor's ovalized Q-Rings. You'll choose between 110mm and 130mm BCD, but if you change your mind down the road, the alloy spider can be swapped quite easily for the other size. This also makes it play quite nicely with spider-based powermeters, like the SRM or Quarq.

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