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RockShox Pike RCT3 DebonAir 130 Boost Fork - 27.5in - 2018

item #RSX006R
Price: $875.00 Buy RockShox Pike RCT3 DebonAir 130 Boost Fork - 27.5in - 2018
RockShox Pike RCT3 DebonAir 130 Boost Fork - 27.5in - 2018
RockShox Pike RCT3 DebonAir 130 Boost Fork - 27.5in - 2018 description:
It's no secret that RockShox dethroned suspension industry titans with the 2013 introduction of their Pike fork, thanks in part to its 35-millimeter chassis paired with a Charger damper giving trail riders all the support and adjustability they could ask for. For 2018, the suspension-savvy folks at RockShox set out to improve upon the already excellent riding characteristics of the previous Pike. They achieved this by giving the Pike RCT3 DebonAir 130 Boost 27. 5in Fork more sensitivity to small bumps and terrain inconsistencies, alongside an increased range of adjustability for fine-tuning the fork to your particular riding style. Seeing that the industry is constantly evolving with new standards, it makes sense the 2018 Pike RCT3 is only available in Boost axle spacing and accommodates the higher volume tires gaining popularity for increased bump compliance and traction. In fact, it works with tires up to 2. 8-inches wide, meaning you'll be able to run this fork with high volume trail and plus-sized tires. Aiming to shave a bit of weight from the previous Pike, the engineers at RockShox cut-out the lowers of the newest Pike RCT3. This redesigned chassis saves approximately 20 grams without sacrificing stiffness, as it retains 35-millimeter stanchions for precise tracking across rough terrain and technical trail systems. Another update, the brake mounts only accommodate rotors in the range of 180 to 200 millimeters, since modern bikes are using larger brakes to increase stopping power on fast trails and wicked descents. You'll be pleasantly surprised to find the new Charger 2 damper retains the Open, Pedal, and Firm settings of the previous model, but with a wider range of low-speed compression adjust in Open mode, as well as re-tuned damping in Pedal mode for better support on long climbs and smooth-buffed trails. Firm mode gets an update as well, allowing for compatibility with RockShox OneLoc remotes. This is helpful if you're a competitive racer using Roc...

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