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RockShox Lyrik RCT3 DebonAir 170 Boost Fork - 27.5in - 2018

item #RSX006N
Price: $999.99 Buy RockShox Lyrik RCT3 DebonAir 170 Boost Fork - 27.5in - 2018
RockShox Lyrik RCT3 DebonAir 170 Boost Fork - 27.5in - 2018
RockShox Lyrik RCT3 DebonAir 170 Boost Fork - 27.5in - 2018 description:
We're finding it difficult to believe that RockShox could stiffen up the Pike Fork, seeing that its stout 35-millimeter chassis made believers from staunch devotees of the competition's forks. That being said, a contingent of aggro all-mountain and enduro riders desired a bit more stiffness than what's available with the Pike, inspiring RockShox to create the Lyrik RCT3 DebonAir 170 Boost 27. 5in Fork for long-travel applications. For 2018, the Lyrik is upgraded with a Charger 2 damper and DebonAir spring, both working to increase its small-bump sensitivity, traction, and mid-stroke support. The Lyrik is the flagship enduro fork in RockShox's line, delivering unwavering levels of support for riders demanding every last bit of stiffness and precise handling when they're pushing themselves and their forks to the absolute limit. To handle the rigors of enduro racing and aggressive all-mountain riding, RockShox beefed-up the Lyrik with thicker stanchion walls and a reinforced arch to deflect lateral/twisting forces from bucking you silly across imposing rock gardens and bigger hits. Newly introduced to the 2018 line of Lyriks, the Charger 2 damper improves the fork's small-bump sensitivity, which equates to better traction when you're riding over rocks and large roots. This new damper gives riders a wider range of low-speed compression tuning, meaning it's all the more adjustable to your exact needs and riding preferences. It's also easier than ever to turn the lever of the 3-position adjust, making it compatible with RockShox's OneLoc handlebar remote. Besides being incredibly popular in the Alps where long climbs are necessary, the OneLoc remote is especially useful for enduro racers seeking a handlebar lockout. Another new addition for the 2018 model year, the DebonAir spring increases the negative air spring volume of the fork, much like you'd find with RockShox's Deluxe and Super Deluxe shocks. This increased negative air spring volume makes the Lyrik all the...

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