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RockShox Reverb (B1) Dropper Seatpost

item #RSX006E
Price: $299.00 Buy RockShox Reverb (B1) Dropper Seatpost
RockShox Reverb (B1) Dropper Seatpost
RockShox Reverb (B1) Dropper Seatpost description:
On the outside, the RockShox Reverb (B1) Dropper Seatpost looks remarkably like its revered predecessor. On the inside, however, it hides a host of updates for improved functionality with modern mountain bikes. The big news is that it's available with travel-specific post lengths and in a wider range of travel options. With the current crop of superbikes and versatile all-mountain machines, expanded travel options mean that even taller riders will have the range to manage all manner of terrain.The Reverb's story has been completely rewritten, including redesigned internals and updated travel options. It features new host of SKF internal seals, and repositioned bushings help deal with the issue of slacker seat tubes occasionally thwarting the action of the old Reverb. The latest model features overlapping bushings that not only smooth the post's travel on enduro machines, but also increase that smoothness' longevity. It's not so smooth that it results in undo give though, so you won't suffer any mushiness from the post jogging 5mm under impact.The hydraulic actuator system returns virtually unchanged. When we first heard that the Reverb employed a hydraulic remote, we were dismayed at the thought of bleeding a seatpost. However, the Reverb has proven to be so smooth and reliable that its hydraulic remote has come to be one of our favorite features. And while the competition's cable actuated posts seem simpler on the surface, clumsy levers and gummed-up cables have made us thankful for the Reverb's buttery, push-button actuation, and the reworked internals mean that we'll be enjoying that action for much longer.

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