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RockShox SID RLC Solo Air 100 (51mm Offset) Fork - 29in - 2017

item #RSX0064
Price: $845.00
Sale Price: $798.99
Buy RockShox SID RLC Solo Air 100 (51mm Offset) Fork - 29in - 2017
RockShox SID RLC Solo Air 100 (51mm Offset) Fork - 29in - 2017
RockShox SID RLC Solo Air 100 (51mm Offset) Fork - 29in - 2017 description:
Those of us who appreciate the beauty of a streamlined, lightweight design in search of cross-country zen will naturally be drawn to componentry like the RockShox SID RLC Solo Air 100 (51mm Offset) 29in Fork. Deftly balancing efficient stiffness and lightweight speed, this fork urges you to push the boundaries of the course.This particular version of the SID RLC adds a hint of rake to decrease the bike's trail and increase confidence through low-speed finesse sections of trail. It also reduces "dead" space between the hub and the steering axis, which counters the squiggly, low-speed steering issues that often accompany the longer trails produced by taller wheels and slack geometries. Handling stays razor sharp at all speeds, whether climbing, descending, or deftly navigating tricky terrain.The SID RLC boasts a bit of a redesign over its predecessors, with a reshaped chassis focused on gram-saving efficiency. RockShox keeps the specifics of the redesign under wraps, but claims it adds rigidity across the chassis while reducing weight, and the straight-wall aluminum stanchions and magnesium lowers each do their part to add lightness and durability.Within the suspension, a whole host of RockShox's proprietary technologies work with the SID RLC's 100mm of travel, including its Charger Damper which lends the fork its plush, smooth response as you take it over rock-encrusted singletrack. The aptly named Rapid Recovery design works with the fork's Dig Valve to improve the SID RLC's ability to rebound after successive hits on root-laced climbs and rutted out trail, and the option to add RockShox's Bottomless Tokens to the fork's interior gives you further license to fine-tune the ramp-up and limit your likelihood of bottoming-out.Finally, the SID RLC's air spring itself, Solo Air, continues to be designed for ease-of-use. It's metered via a Schrader valve that feeds air to both chambers while printed-on Air Guides keep set-up time to a minimum and make sure you don't...

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