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Ross Animas Fly Reel

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Ross Animas Fly Reel
Ross Animas Fly Reel description:
The Animas River falls high from the rugged San Juan mountain range in Southwest Colorado and is the breeding grounds for territorial browns and piscivorous rainbows. Unlike its namesake, the Ross Animas Fly Reel does not let wild fish roam, but makes them submit to your plying hand with a liquid smooth drag system that protects light tippets from big, finicky fish that demand perfect presentations.The fully machined aluminum frame and spool holds up against the abuse all anglers can dish out, while the durable, self-lubricating drag requires no maintenance and will perform in both fresh and saltwater fisheries. The quick release spool can be switched out when a line change is in order, and the handle has a reverse taper for increased comfort and control for those extended battles with unrelenting fish.

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