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Rome National Snowboard - Wide - Men's

item #ROM00BR
Price: $559.99 Buy Rome National Snowboard - Wide - Men's
Rome National Snowboard - Wide - Men's
Rome National Snowboard - Wide - Men's description:
From Stowe to Snowbird, embrace the bounty of America's natural terrain the Rome National Wide Snowboard. Built for all-mountain freestyle domination, it packs an aggressive freeride feel into a directional twin shape so you can ollie, spin, and launch every natural feature that you see. This wide version offers a stable, toe drag-free platform for dominating the entire mountain. Fusion Camber is mostly camber for that powerful and poppy feel that you crave, but with subtle transitions to rocker at the tips for a less catchy, more predictable feel. It has a centered stance and a slightly shorter and stubbier tail to add a little extra float and drive for riding the steep and deep. It also sports a stiffer flex for the stability and response you need when stepping up to gnarly chutes and big jumps. If riding fast and going big describes your riding style, then this is the deck for you.

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