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Redington Dually Fly Rod - 4-Piece

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Price: $249.95 Buy Redington Dually Fly Rod - 4-Piece
Redington Dually Fly Rod - 4-Piece
Redington Dually Fly Rod - 4-Piece description:
Redington's Dually Switch and Spey Rods come at a price any self-respecting steelhead bum can live with and have a sweet, deep-loading, moderate-fast action feel both novice and advanced spey casters will appreciate. As Redington's entry level two-handed rod, the Dually is about half the price of most two-handed rods and is available in shorter switch sizes ranging from 5- to 7-weights. These versatile switch rods are great for both indicator nymphing or swinging, and will work well on medium to large rivers. The longer spey options range in sizes between 6- and 8-weights and are ideal for methodically working big water with heavily weighted flies and sink tips. Regardless of the rod you choose, it will come with a traditional cork handle and reel seat, which gives the Dually that more traditional spey rod look and feel.

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