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Redington Lava Form Game Rod

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Redington Lava Form Game Rod
Redington Lava Form Game Rod description:
The Redington Lava Form Game Rod is the two-pieced answer to your casting quandaries whether you're a novice, a veteran fly-fisher with an uninitiated special someone, or you just want an angling alternative to the office golf club. This little rod is designed to teach neophyte anglers how to cast and to help salty dogs maintain their spot-on form during the off-season. While you can use it inside, this playful little stick shines in the unfettered freedom of your front yard or in the middle of a city park. Once you get the basics down, this exuberant rod loves a good game of T. R. O. U. T. or some unsavory version of beer pong using your fly, red plastic cups, and, well, beer. This graphite rod breaks down into two pieces and stores in a conveniently included case. When put together, you get a full 50 inches of practice casting heaven. The cork handle is easy on your hands, and oversized snake guides are forgiving when you need a bit of leeway. A custom Rio fly line comes with the rod and has an integrated leader and a big puffy fly sop you can watch the tip of the line from the beginning to the end of your casting motion.

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