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RockyMounts Ouray Crossbar

item #RMO000G
Price: $149.95
Sale Price: $82.47
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RockyMounts Ouray Crossbar
RockyMounts Ouray Crossbar description:
After years of only making rack systems to adapt to other rack companies' crossbars, RockyMounts is stepping into the ring with its own, the Ouray Crossbars. The Ouray bars are made from what it calls "thick wall" aluminum that is 20% thicker than most of the competition, upping the bars' strength and weight capacity, without a notable penalty in overall system weight. The crossbars' profile is a 3:1 length-to-height ratio, with a tapering toward the rear, so they are remarkably quiet. The slight curve in the bars is designed to blend cosmetically with the roof of your car so they practically look stock. The Ouray bars (named for a small, beautiful town in southwestern Colorado) are compatible only with RockyMounts' tower systems (sold separately), come in black only, and are available in lengths of 44, 47, 50, 53, and 60 inches.

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