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Rip Curl Search GPS Surf Watch

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Rip Curl Search GPS Surf Watch
Rip Curl Search GPS Surf Watch description:
The Rip Curl Search GPS Surf Watch is the first watch of its kind, tracking your every move in the line-up with its GPS-assisted speed, distance, time, and wave count tracking. Realizing that competitive and metric-savvy surfers need a central repository for storing all of their best rides, the folks at Rip Curl developed the Search application to upload all of your data to the cloud for easy retrieval from all of your electronic devices. The Search application allows you to join a worldwide community of surfers where you can compare your stats to pros, local heroes, and your best friends. Plus, the app's location maps, image sharing, and graphic charts let you re-live your best surf sessions like never before, giving you rich insight into the longest wave rides of the day, how many waves you caught, and the top speed of your last tube ride. This watch uses Bluetooth to upload surf metrics wirelessly to your iPhone and iPad, also uploading data to Mac or PC via the included USB cable. All you have to do is download the free Rip Curl Search application via iTunes and you're good to go. Additional surf-savvy features include one-touch auto-set time and tide to 1,360 locations around the world, as well as moon phase and sunrise/sunset times for more information on your favorite breaks. The watch itself is water-resistant to 100-meters, and its rechargeable battery lasts six hours in GPS surf tracking mode, allowing you to session for hours at a time without your watch dying.

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