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RIO Tippet Rings - 10 Pack

item #RIO001B
Price: $9.99 Buy RIO Tippet Rings - 10 Pack
RIO Tippet Rings - 10 Pack
RIO Tippet Rings - 10 Pack description:
Switching out flies and changing the size of your tippet doesn't just shorten the length of your leader, but it also changes its overall taper, reducing your leader's ability to turn flies over effectively. Rio's Tippet Rings offer a simple solution to this problem through a small, light, and strong ring that can be tied to the end of your leader with an improved clinch knot that can then be used to tie a length of tippet. The tippet rings can also be used dry-dropper rigs and are ideal when tying tandem nymph rigs.

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