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RIO InTouch Streamer Tip Fly Line

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RIO InTouch Streamer Tip Fly Line
RIO InTouch Streamer Tip Fly Line description:
Trout are always looking for an easy meal, so instead of making them swim near the surface to snack on your streamer, take your streamer to them with the Rio InTouch Streamer Tip Fly Line. This streamer-specific fly line features a short and heavy front taper to load rods quickly and effectively turn big muddler and articulated patterns over quickly. The short head makes those quick, short splash and strip casts easier and is great when casting from the bow of a boat. Being a part of Rio's InTouch series, this fly line has a low-stretch construction that provides a more responsive feel for quicker sets and has a dirt-repellent coating to help keep your line clean when stripping along muddy river banks. The fly line is available in two different sink tips--a type 6 is ideal for working deep runs, holes, and shorelines, while an intermediate option is great for shallow riffles and cut banks.

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