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RIO InTouch Trout LT Fly Line

item #RIO000K
Price: $99.99 Buy RIO InTouch Trout LT Fly Line
RIO InTouch Trout LT Fly Line
RIO InTouch Trout LT Fly Line description:
Featuring RIO's new ConnectCore technology, the InTouch Trout LT Fly Line dramatically reduces the amount of stretch in the line, resulting in an intuitive casting feel and ultra-sensitive strike detection. This weight-forward option makes for effortless roll casts and easy line pick-ups thanks to a long, fine front taper. The line itself is coated with RIO's MaxCast protective coating to repel water, increasing the longevity of the line, and it's treated with an additional coating at the tip to keep the tip of the line on the surface. A welded front loop makes attaching different leaders quick and easy, while the color-coated line allows you to quickly see how much line you have out with just a glance.

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