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RIO InTouch Rio Gold Fly Line

item #RIO000I
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RIO InTouch Rio Gold Fly Line
RIO InTouch Rio Gold Fly Line description:
The long head of the RIO InTouch Gold Fly Line provides excellent loop control at long distances whether you're casting size eight salmon flies or size 20 midges. Where typical fly lines will stretch about 30% of their total length, the new lineup of InTouch flylines have dramatically reduced the amount of stretch in the line through ConnectCore technology. Not only does this give the line a more intuitive casting feel, but it makes for faster sets, easier line lifts, and precise mends, meaning you catch more fish. The SureFire color coating of the line lets you see how far your line is out at a glance, while the MaxFloat tip keeps the line on top of the water. Front and rear loops make attaching leader and backing as easy as possible, and the Maxcast hydrophobic chemistry helps the line stay cleaner and last longer.

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