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Ridley Noah Road Bike Frameset - 2017

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Price: $999.99 Buy Ridley Noah Road Bike Frameset - 2017
Ridley Noah Road Bike Frameset - 2017
Ridley Noah Road Bike Frameset - 2017 description:
In a world where saving watts matters and expensive technology buys "free" speed, self-sponsored riders can breathe a sigh of relief with the release of Ridley's 2017 Noah Road Bike Frameset. Boasting the aerodynamic tube shapes of its costlier counterpart, the Noah SL, the Noah features a slightly different carbon makeup that adds just a touch of extra weight while cutting the price tag drastically to give those of us with limited bank accounts a chance to keep up with the more opulent competition.This Noah's oversized tubes are constructed from a mix of 30-ton and 24-ton high modulus carbon fiber, in contrast to the SL's mix of 60, 40, and 30-ton fibers. The inclusion of lower-ton fibers means that the Noah requires a bit more material to obtain similar levels of stiffness and strength, and accounts for a claimed 150 gram difference between a size small Noah and Noah SL. Howver, that small weight gain comes with a drastic reduction in cost. As with all the Noah models, the Noah's different carbon moduli are used in different areas of the frame based on desired properties of stiffness, weight, durability, and road-noise dampening.The Noah also features a tapered head tube for sharp tracking and efficient power transfer, as well as a PF30 bottom bracket, internal cable routing, and electronic group compatibility. The Noah's carbon fiber fork looks decidedly different than other forks on the market, with an open channel running down the middle of each leg. This split fork design is revolutionary in its ability to guide incoming air away from the spokes to reduce turbulence and drag, which keeps the airstream around the wheel smooth and fast. This means more speed with less effort, all thanks to a little bit of surface air routing.Please note that Ridley recommends a maximum rider weight of 209. 5 lbs (95kg) for the Noah.

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