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Rains Scout Bag

item #RIA0007
Price: $134.95
Sale Price: $94.46
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Rains Scout Bag
Rains Scout Bag description:
Born out of sheer necessity, the Rains Scout Bag is a rendition of the classic rain jacket--but in a backpack edition. As such, the Scout Bag features a highly durable and waterproof polyurethane and polyester fabric that withstands abrasive features and precipitation alike. Though, the Scout Bag isn't defined by its simple materials: this backpack features exceptional quality construction. To start, the Scout is fashioned with welded seams to assure maximum waterproof protection, while the fittings are anti-corrosive and hardy to ensure years of use to come. Additionally, the Scout Bag, like all of Rains' products, has achieved the European chemical standard called REACH--meaning you can trust that the creation of the Scout Bag won't cause any unwarranted or useless harm to humans or the environment.

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