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Reynolds Strike SLG Carbon Wheelset - Tubeless

item #REY003H
Price: $999.99 Buy Reynolds Strike SLG Carbon Wheelset - Tubeless
Reynolds Strike SLG Carbon Wheelset - Tubeless
Reynolds Strike SLG Carbon Wheelset - Tubeless description:
There's no doubt that the Reynolds Strike SLG Carbon Tubeless Wheelset is built for speed, with its 62mm depth lending a cruising speed worthy of long, solo breakaways and dialed time trial efforts without sacrificing the snappy efficiency required to navigate a punchy criterium course. This Strike earns its AllRoad stripes by adding tubeless compatibility and a wider rim profile to expand your ride horizons beyond the race course to roads less traveled.The most immediately obvious change for 2017 is stealthy new waterslide graphics, which are bound to add a handful of style watts to any day in the saddle. Less visually obvious, but no less important is an all-new hubset that boasts faster engagement for smooth, fast turns and a ride that rivals the responsiveness found in wheels at much higher price points.As with the other members in Reynolds' AllRoad family, the rims' redesigned shelves and hooks hold a tubeless tire securely at low or high PSI. The lower rolling resistance and comfort of a tubeless ride is complemented by the Strike's wide rim, which lets tires sit with more volume in a way that Reynolds calls "modern" but we call less rolling resistance, better cornering, and a more comfortable ride. On the flip side, the traditionalists among us will appreciate the Strike's ability to also run as a tube-type clincher.The new Strike also sees an update to Reynolds Cryogenic Glass Transition (CTg) brake track technology, with a taller profile and reworked resin system that extends past the brake track and into the rim to provide exceptional heat dissipation, all but eliminating the risk of the rim deforming or failing under long, hard brake use. Each Strike wheelset includes Reynolds' proprietary Cryo-Blue Power brake pads, which work with the CTg laminate to produce more consistent (read: safer) braking. Safety is also improved through Reynolds' PR3 construction method, which uses different carbon fiber, epoxy, and resin for each of five rim regions.Last...

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