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Reynolds Assault SLG Disc Brake Carbon Wheelset - Tubeless

item #REY002P
Price: $999.99 Buy Reynolds Assault SLG Disc Brake Carbon Wheelset - Tubeless
Reynolds Assault SLG Disc Brake Carbon Wheelset - Tubeless
Reynolds Assault SLG Disc Brake Carbon Wheelset - Tubeless description:
Listening in on post-ride coffee conversation could easily have you believing that the only way to be a proper cyclist is to have a myriad of wheelsets in the garage, each earmarked for a specific type of terrain or elevation change. We, however, don't have the space nor finances for that many wheels, and prefer a wheelset that can roll with our more spontaneous ride route choices--a wheelset like the tubeless, disc brake-equipped Reynolds Assault SLG Carbon. Newly updated with stealthy waterslide graphics, the Assault's 41mm profile hits right in the sweet spot between low weight and aerodynamics, bringing Reynolds' famed crosswind stability to nearly any all-road application. Whether you're winding up for a hilly coastal road race, toeing the line at a Midwest criterium, or barreling towards the barriers in the SoCal sand, the Assaults are up to the challenge. An all-new hubset builds on this wheelset's famed versatility with smooth, fast turns and even quicker engagement than its predecessor for a ride that rivals the responsiveness more often found in wheelsets at much higher price points. Careful machining allows Reynolds to specify tighter tolerances than stamped hubs, which results in a higher quality end product that will confidently snap up to speed when you step on the pedals. Traditionalists among us will appreciate the ability to run the Assault as a tube-type clincher, and for those of us looking to ditch tubes, the rims' redesigned shelves and lips hold a tubeless tire securely at low or high PSI. The lower rolling resistance and comfort of a tubeless ride is complemented by the Assault's wide rim, which lets tires sit with more volume in a way that Reynolds calls "modern" but we call less rolling resistance, better cornering, and a more comfortable ride. Last, but far from least, the Assault utilizes Reynolds' Enhanced Swirl Lip Generator (SLG) design. There's a heap of wind tunnel tech behind SLG, but in a nutshell Reynolds adds a small lip of c...

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