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Reynolds Attack Disc Brake Carbon Wheelset - Tubeless

item #REY002O
Price: $999.99 Buy Reynolds Attack Disc Brake Carbon Wheelset - Tubeless
Reynolds Attack Disc Brake Carbon Wheelset - Tubeless
Reynolds Attack Disc Brake Carbon Wheelset - Tubeless description:
Reynolds' Attack wheelset has long been a favorite of climbing specialists with its low weight and a rim profile that's just deep enough to still garner a bit of aerodynamic advantage on the flats. With the addition of disc brakes last year and an all-new hubset this year, Reynolds pushes the Attack Disc Brake Carbon Tubeless Wheelset into ever more versatile territory. It makes no attempt to compete on the flats with deep dish time trial equipment, but the Assault leaves most other wheelsets in the dust with its ability to transcend road, 'cross, and gravel applications. The star update for the 2017 Attack is the new hubset at its center, which Reynolds claims has faster engagement and a snappier feel than its predecessor for a ride that rivals the responsiveness more often found in wheelsets far above the Attack's price point. Careful machining allows Reynolds to specify tighter tolerances than stamped hubs, which results in a higher quality end product that will consistently roll smooth and fast when you get it out on the road. As we'd expect from a wheelset designated "all road," the Attack is tubeless-ready, which means lower pressures for increased traction and a plusher ride to absorb chatter on chipseal, gravel, and rut-filled grass fields. The wide rim complements the tubeless-ready profile, allowing improved tire shape for wider tires, lower rolling resistance, better cornering, and a more comfortable ride. The Attack's low weight means less rotational mass fighting you on each pedal stroke during climbs or accelerating out of turns, so they spin up and go up fast to keep you fighting for the lead in technical cross races and punchy, rolling climbs. As an added touch, Reynolds imbues this wheelset with its new waterslide graphics for an extra stealthy visage that just looks wicked fast. We know that graphics won't actually give you extra watts, but there's something to be said about extra motivation when your ride aesthetics are perfectly on point.

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