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Reynolds 27.5 AM LTD Carbon Wheelset with XD Driver Body

item #REY002F
Price: $999.99 Buy Reynolds 27.5 AM LTD Carbon Wheelset with XD Driver Body
Reynolds 27.5 AM LTD Carbon Wheelset with XD Driver Body
Reynolds 27.5 AM LTD Carbon Wheelset with XD Driver Body description:
The mountain bike industry is prone to making radical changes almost overnight, many of which are destined to become passing fads or short-lived trends, and no particular wing of the industry is more susceptible to flavor-of-the-month syndrome than enduro. With the 27. 5 AM LTD Carbon XD Driver Wheelset, we've partnered with Reynolds to hand pick several new innovations that we think are going to stand the test of time. From the one-by SRAM XD Driver body to the mid-sized, 27. 5in diameter, we're confident that these are the wheels of the future. We're well familiar with the stiff mettle of Reynolds' 27. 5 AM rims from personal experience, so they were the obvious choice as a canvas for our arts-and-crafts impulses. There's a reason why other wheel manufacturers focus on making hubs and just lace them to re-branded Reynolds rims: the Utah-based company has already all but perfected the science of the mid-sized wheel. Since carbon rims are stiff enough that the difference between Boost and 142/100mm axles is far less notable than with alloy rims, the 27. 5 AM LTDs go some way toward erasing Boost envy without forcing us to shell-out for a new race frame. The fact that Reynolds uses DT hub internals also contributed to our decision, but we've opted for the DT logo instead of the usual Reynolds re-branding to give the wheels more of a custom-built look. Finally, we admit to the occasional streak of vanity, and the half-and-half color of the wheels' Reynolds label is our way of visually representing a proper all-mountain bike's ability to straddle climbing and descending. We enjoy the challenge of cleaning lines in both directions, and the 27. 5 AM LTDs' combination of low rotational mass, high stiffness, and generous internal width make for a wheelset that climbs like a featherweight but tracks like an enduro bruiser while enjoying the secure footing of high-volume tires.

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