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Reynolds 27.5 Plus Blacklabel Boost Wheelset

item #REY002B
Price: $999.99 Buy Reynolds 27.5 Plus Blacklabel Boost Wheelset
Reynolds 27.5 Plus Blacklabel Boost Wheelset
Reynolds 27.5 Plus Blacklabel Boost Wheelset description:
With the 27. 5+ Blacklabel Boost Wheelset, Reynolds flaunts its top-shelf technology to bring you a lightweight and sturdy carbon wheelset that doesn't compromise ride quality. They feature an asymmetrical rim design to offload weight on the non-drive side and provide extra support on the drive side, adding strength and rigidity where you need it most. Yet unlike many high-end carbon wheelsets on the market, the 27. 5+ doesn't sacrifice a supple feel for stiffness, so whether you're ripping singletrack or racing enduro you can rely on a more responsive ride. For added durability and impact-resistance, the 27. 5+ features an entirely hookless rim shape. This not only makes for a smoother ride but also helps prevent flats when you're running lower tire pressures.For the Blacklabel line, Reynolds partnered with the hub gurus over at Industry Nine to create the new Reynolds centerlock hub. The new hub features three-degree engagement to provide industry-leading quickness. Reynolds' center lock hub also features Boost spacing, which provides better spoke angles for added durability and stiffness. Reynolds laces hub to rim with the oh-so-stylish, straight-pull, Sapim aluminum spokes.

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