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Reynolds 27.5 Enduro Blacklabel Wheelset

item #REY002A
Price: $999.99 Buy Reynolds 27.5 Enduro Blacklabel Wheelset
Reynolds 27.5 Enduro Blacklabel Wheelset
Reynolds 27.5 Enduro Blacklabel Wheelset description:
Like a fine wine or a stinky cheese, Reynolds' 27. 5 Enduro Blacklabel Wheelset just keeps getting better and better with age. Reynolds hasn't let its signature Blacklabel hoops mature in a darkened cellar, though; it's actively redesigned the Blacklabel to be stronger, stiffer, and more supple, so chargy enduro and trail riders can get the most out of their machines. Don't get your undies in a bundle when you unwrap the Blacklabel and it looks warped, though. Reynolds did that on purpose to strengthen the more heavily torqued drive side of these carbon-fiber beauties without adding excess material all the way around. This design also keeps the wheels stiff and the ride supple, so you can hammer through rocky chunder without getting deflected off your line or feeling like your teeth are going to rattle out of your head. Reynolds also redesigned (read: eliminated) the bead hook in favor of a more modern and secure rim design, reducing the risk of burps and pinch flats while giving the tire a wider, grippier profile. It's also updated the Blacklabel with proprietary Industry Nine hubs, whose 120 points of engagement make powering up a climb almost as easy as thinking about it.

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