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Reynolds 27.5 AM LTD Carbon Wheelset

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Price: $999.99
Sale Price: $999.95
Buy Reynolds 27.5 AM LTD Carbon Wheelset
Reynolds 27.5 AM LTD Carbon Wheelset
Reynolds 27.5 AM LTD Carbon Wheelset description:
After having the chance to ride some of the new Boost-stiffened enduro sleds, we admit that our own 142/100mm axles and alloy hoops are feeling a bit insubstantial. To address this, we partnered with Reynolds for the custom 27. 5 AM LTD Carbon Wheelset, which features DT Swiss hubs, Reynolds' carbon expertise, and our own penchant for understated graphical styling. The result is a wheelset with one of our favorite hubs, a carbon rim that stiffens up non-Boost rides, and an aesthetic that stands out from any other 27. 5in Reynolds wheels. We're well familiar with the stiff mettle of Reynolds' 27. 5 AM rims from personal experience, so they were the obvious choice as a canvas for our arts-and-crafts impulses. There's a reason why other wheel manufacturers focus on making hubs and just lace them to re-branded Reynolds rims: the Utah-based company has already all but perfected the science of the mid-sized wheel. Since carbon rims are stiff enough that the difference between Boost and 142/100mm axles is far less notable than with alloy rims, the 27. 5 AM LTDs go some way toward erasing Boost envy without forcing us to shell-out for a new race frame. Reynolds' hubs were also an obvious choice, and we've opted for the DT logo instead of the usual Reynolds re-branding to give the wheels more of a custom-built look. Finally, we admit to the occasional streak of vanity, and the half-and-half color of the wheels' Reynolds label is our way of visually representing a proper all-mountain bike's ability to straddle climbing and descending. We enjoy the challenge of cleaning lines in both directions, and the 27. 5 AM LTDs' combination of low rotational mass, high stiffness, and generous internal width make for a wheelset that climbs like a featherweight but tracks like an enduro bruiser while enjoying the secure footing of high-volume tires.

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