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Reynolds Assault SLG Carbon Wheelset - Tubeless

item #REY001G
Price: $999.99 Buy Reynolds Assault SLG Carbon Wheelset - Tubeless
Reynolds Assault SLG Carbon Wheelset - Tubeless
Reynolds Assault SLG Carbon Wheelset - Tubeless description:
Tubeless tires are so common in mountain biking that folks start to look at you funny when you talk about tubes, but the tech hasn't gained a ton of traction on the road side, due to a multitude of variables. One variable was the lack of high-end, technologically-advanced, and aerodynamic wheels for tubeless tires. Well, Reynolds just fixed that one with the Assault SLG Wheelset. The Assault SLG is every bit the aero-minded, mid-depth rim you'd expect from Reynolds, but you can run tubeless tires on them without worry. At first blush, road tubeless doesn't seem to offer a lot of benefit aside from avoiding the occasional mini-pump embarrassment, but when you start to think about rougher roads, wider tires, and lower pressures, tubeless starts to make a lot more sense. So, whether you're racing at Roubaix, or lighting up the local gravel scene, the Assault SLG will deliver aerodynamic benefit to go along with reduced rolling resistance, and that means speed.

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