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Reynolds Assault SLG Tubular Wheelset

item #REY000D
Price: $999.99 Buy Reynolds Assault SLG Tubular Wheelset
Reynolds Assault SLG Tubular Wheelset
Reynolds Assault SLG Tubular Wheelset description:
The Reynolds Assault SLG Tubular Wheelset is an update to the Assault, also known as one of the most versatile and well-loved wheelsets out there. The Assault SLGs can carve corners in a local criterium one day, and solidly carry you over big mountain passes the next. With the Assault SLG, Reynolds addresses the issue of inconsistent braking on carbon rims when the weather turns hot or rainy. Its Cryogenic Glass Transition Braking System (CTg) uses a special laminate around the braking surface to withstand high levels of heat and pairs with Reynolds' Cryo Blue Brake Pads for solid, predictable braking in a wide variety of conditions. Reynolds also includes its Enhanced Swirl Lip Generator (SLG) in this wheelset. There's a lot of wind tunnel tech behind it, but Reynolds essentially added a little lip of carbon under the braking track that streamlines airflow across the spokes and reduces drag. In short, SLG makes these wheels faster.

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