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Renthal Fatbar 35 Handlebar

item #REN002C
Price: $84.95 Buy Renthal Fatbar 35 Handlebar
Renthal Fatbar 35 Handlebar
Renthal Fatbar 35 Handlebar description:
Whether last weekend's trip to the mountains left your stock handlebars in irreparable shape, or you're building up a new enduro bike and trying to save on componentry costs where you can, the Renthal Fatbar 35 Handlebar should be on your shortlist of options. With the accessible price tag that comes with aluminum construction, as well as Renthal's proven ability to build componentry that holds its own on the DH circuit, the Fatbar 35 makes a solid, dependable investment for your DH or enduro sled. Plus, it's now available in the 35mm diameter you'll be seeing everywhere on custom and stock builds alike by next year. Carrying the promise of added stiffness and rigidity, as most new mountain bike standards do, 35mm bars generally don't mean much of a weight penalty over 31. 8mm bars, making the new diameter something of a win-win. As we mentioned, the Fatbar 35 comes with a strong, light 7-series aluminum construction, but Renthal sets it apart by using both hard anondising and shot peening treatments on the metal. Shot peening increases strength and longevity, while hard anondising treats the iconic gold surface of the aluminum to better resist bumps, chips, and scratches from everyday wear-and-tear from life on the trails. Renthal also includes width marks on the Fatbar 35, so you can trim it down with precision from it's DH-wide 800mm to better adapt it to your size and it uses permanent, cured graphics rather than stickers or decals.

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