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Ride Hellcat Snowboard - Women's

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Ride Hellcat Snowboard - Women's
Ride Hellcat Snowboard - Women's description:
From the coastal peaks of British Columbia to the interior ranges of the Colorado Rockies, the Ride Women's Hellcat Snowboard ferociously attacks the steep and deep with cat-like balance and razor-sharp precision. Like its predatory name suggests, the Hellcat pounces on unsuspecting powder stashes, high-speed groomers, and steep alpine faces with its responsive camber paired with an aggressive flex pattern. The directional shape is set back enough to benefit from high-speed stability and buoyancy in deep powder, yet it's still capable of landing and taking off switch when you're dialing in your trick repertoire across the mountain's natural powder park. Ride's Directional Hybrid Camber places camber directly along the board's effective edge, maintaining energetic responsive as you transition from edge-to-edge, as well as providing the snap to send cliffs opportunistically lying beneath the chairlift and pillow stacks residing outside the resort boundaries. Since the nose is accentuated with its longer, early-rise shape, the Hellcat refuses to bog down in the deep stuff, floating effortlessly on every trip to the white room. Looking at what keeps this ferocious feline ticking, the Performance core is comprised of durable aspen, snappy bamboo, and lightweight paulownia wood species. This core is souped-up with Carbon Array 5 Laminates, which form an X-like pattern beneath each binding for explosive energy transfer where it's needed most. Ride's Carbon Slimewalls use the urethane-infused sidewalls for a damp, vibration-free ride, with carbon inserted into key areas for snappiness when you're boosting over rollers, natural gaps, and cliff drops.

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