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Race Face Aeffect Plus 27.5in Boost Wheel

item #RCF004L
Price: $319.99 Buy Race Face Aeffect Plus 27.5in Boost Wheel
Race Face Aeffect Plus 27.5in Boost Wheel
Race Face Aeffect Plus 27.5in Boost Wheel description:
Make the most of your 27. 5+ trail bike with the tenacious traction of plus-sized tires mounted to the Race Face Aeffect Plus 27. 5in Boost Wheel. Originally introduced in standard 27. 5 and 29-inch variants, the Aeffect Wheel proves itself as a reliable choice for riding sampling everything on the trail--all without breaking the bank like some pricier carbon hoops. The Aeffect Plus is available as either a front or rear wheel, both as BOOST only. The rear is available with either an XD freehub driver for SRAM 1x drivetrains (1x11/1x12) or with a standard freehub for both Shimano and older SRAM 2x/3x drivetrains. It packs a stout 40-millimeters of internal width, making it ideal for gargantuan 2. 8 and 3. 0-inch tires gaining popularity for their superb grip and plushness over roots and rocks. Optimized for BOOST standards found on modern trail bikes, you'll reap the benefits of improved wheel stiffness, courtesy of wider hubs improving the wheel's spoke bracing angle. Aluminum construction optimizes its strength-to-weight, meaning you'll be able to trust its durability across rocky stretches of trail. Race Face's Trace hub design employs full cartridge bearings to seal out trail grit and debris from compromising their integrity over time. This hub stands up to regular thrashings with its durable 3-pawl design, maintaining a respectable 9. 2-degree engagement for getting up and over trail impediments. Twenty-eight straight-pull, double-butted spokes in a cross-laced pattern provide all-purpose reliability across a variety of terrain, ranging from rocky alpine trails to fast-flowing loops through the forest. Just in case you break a spoke on the rear wheel, Race Face smartly includes five extra spokes with the rear only (doesn't come with front wheel).

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