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Race Face Aeffect-R 27.5in Wheelset

item #RCF004J
Price: $698.99 Buy Race Face Aeffect-R 27.5in Wheelset
Race Face Aeffect-R 27.5in Wheelset
Race Face Aeffect-R 27.5in Wheelset description:
In Race Face's line of beat-'em-up mountain bike wheels, the Aeffect-R 27. 5in Wheelset is the most all-mountain-y. It's not as light as the minimalist Aeffect SL, and it's not as lumberingly brutish as the Aeffect Plus. Instead, its 30mm internal width provides the ideal platform for the current crop of mid-sized tires, letting 2. 4-2. 5in rubber fill out with greater air volume. This in turn enhances traction on lumpy climbs and adds a bit of cushion on lumpier descents. While its rim width sets it apart, its 9. 2-degree freehub engagement reunites it with the rest of the Aeffect line. That engagement isn't as low as Race Face's Vault hubs--which enjoy a comical three degrees of free play--but it's still plenty sharp for the needs of all but the most accomplished enduro fiends. And speaking of fiends, the wider rim and uniform spoke length throughout the wheelset makes the Aeffect-R into a nigh-invulnerable demon in rock gardens and root lattices, with the "R" no doubt standing for "Raging."

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