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Race Face Love Handle Grip

item #RCF003C
Price: $24.95 Buy Race Face Love Handle Grip
Race Face Love Handle Grip
Race Face Love Handle Grip description:
Before you turn around and slap that rider who just dared to comment on your love handles, give yourself a few seconds to cool down and remember the sleek lock-on grips you just put on your frame last night. Yep, turns out he's actually admiring your Race Face Love Handle Grips, not offering an awkward, counterproductive compliment. Made to help you hang on tight as you and your frame dice through new lines and around tight corners, the slim Love Handle Grips feature a sticky silicone construction that won't abandon you when you need it most. Race Face's design includes a contoured palm area with channels to disperse moisture, as well as a diamond-patterned underside that will ensure you're able to maintain grip when things get bumpy.

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