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Race Face Aeffect EXI Crank Arms

item #RCF002W
Price: $119.95 Buy Race Face Aeffect EXI Crank Arms
Race Face Aeffect EXI Crank Arms
Race Face Aeffect EXI Crank Arms description:
If you're looking to upgrade to a modular crankset without burning through your entire upgrade budget for the season, you can't do much better than Race Face's new Aeffect EXI Crank Arms. Occupying a notably more accessible price point than its pricier siblings, the Aeffect makes modularity available for your trail, XC, or enduro frame without requiring you to empty your wallet to afford it. Built dependably with a forged, 6066 aluminum construction, the Aeffect may not boast the same bombproof self-assuredness of its burlier siblings, but it still has a commendable strength-to-weight ratio for aggressive trail, XC and all-mountain/enduro riding. Just like its pricier siblings, the Aeffect boasts compatibility with a range of bottom bracket standards, but unlike them, it's delivered with a slimmer 24mm spindle. Swapping between chainring standards is quick and user-friendly with the design, which is compatible with 10 or 11-speed drivetrains, and most importantly, it affords you the option to run a direct-mount, one-by chainring or use a spider to mount double or triple chainrings if you prefer. Quiet and consistent, the Aeffect EXI shows, unsurprisingly, that Race Face has its tech and construction dialed on modular cranksets, and that a more affordable option doesn't have to mean a sacrifice on either account.

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