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Race Face Atlas Cinch Crank Arms - 83mm Spindle

item #RCF002V
Price: $209.95 Buy Race Face Atlas Cinch Crank Arms - 83mm Spindle
Race Face Atlas Cinch Crank Arms - 83mm Spindle
Race Face Atlas Cinch Crank Arms - 83mm Spindle description:
Once upon a time, having a crankset that was compatible with both direct-mount one-by rings and double or triple spiders would've sounded like far-off dream. However, Race Face's Cinch technology changed that in recent years, and this year, the company introduced the futuristic Atlas Cinch Crank Arms with 83mm Spindle, bringing its Cinch model to bikes with DH spacing for the first time. Mechanically abusive downhill riders can now take advantage of the added flexibility of modularity without having to sacrifice the pedal-mashing durability that made the workhorse Atlas crankset so popular among them before. In fact, with updates to its construction this year, the Atlas Cinch is now stiffer than ever, featuring a 3D-forged back pocket crank design for improved lateral stiffness and a new 7075 aluminum construction that's forged rather than machined, which affords it a claimed weight loss of 33g when paired with a 24T chainring. Despite these changes, the Atlas Cinch retains the rugged silhouette and impressive mud-shedding capabilities of its world-shrugging forebear. The Atlas Cinch's 83mm Spindle is designed specifically for use on DH rigs, while the regular model of the Atlas Cinch fills the modular void for hard-charging trail and enduro riders. Race Face's design allows you the option of directly mounting a one-by chainring or using a spider to attach a double or triple spread so you can set up your DH frame however you'd like but change your mind later if you need to. Race Face's aim is to maintain durability for a class of riders who expect to be able to blast through anything with no regard for whether their equipment can handle it or not. The company succeeded admirably, yet again, in creating something that will let you ride with the reassurance that it's as eager to barrel through apocalyptic terrain as you are.

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