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Race Face Atlas Pedals

item #RCF002F
Price: $179.99
Sale Price: $152.99
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Race Face Atlas Pedals
Race Face Atlas Pedals description:
If you're strong enough, you can lock your bike into a stand, put all your power into the RaceFace Atlas Pedals, and actually slow down the Earth's rotation. It'll have all sorts of unfortunate consequences, probably, but it'd impress the hell out of a lot of people. If you're more interested in actually riding, you can slap the lightweight and burly Atlas onto your trail, XC, enduro, or DH rig and hammer down the trail with the security of 20 hex-headed pins, a rugged aluminum body, and bombproof chromoly steel axle. The pins at the front of the pedals are angled backwards to increase grip, and the super-thin platforms help keep weight to a light 355 grams. The bearings are fully sealed to keep grit out and grease in, and the Atlases are available in all sorts of colors, because everybody knows that looking good is the first step towards riding well.

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