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Race Face Turbine 35 20mm Rise Handlebar

item #RCF001U
Price: $79.99
Sale Price: $67.99
Buy Race Face Turbine 35 20mm Rise Handlebar
Race Face Turbine 35 20mm Rise Handlebar
Race Face Turbine 35 20mm Rise Handlebar description:
Lighter, stiffer, stronger. These have been the top industry buzzwords since there was a bike industry. Race Face has achieved the trifecta with its Turbine 35 20mm Riser Bar. The 35mm center diameter means they were able to reduce the amount of material needed to make the bar while making it stiffer and stronger. It also drops 20 grams while adding almost an inch and a half of handlebar width. The Turbine's cold-drawn, seamless 7050 aluminum construction shaves weight into the 270-gram realm. This is around two ounces more than carbon alternatives, and when you consider the difference in price, Race Face's Turbine becomes a stellar value. To make sure you get back to the trailhead first, butting and a shot-peened finish ensure strength by reducing stress risers, without adding unnecessary heft.Race Face uses thermal heat transfer logos. The Turbine 35 20mm Riser Handlebar has a 35mm clamp diameter, as well as a wrist-pleasing eight-degree rearward and five-degree upward sweep.

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