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Race Face SIXC 35 20mm Rise Bar

item #RCF001T
Price: $169.99
Sale Price: $144.49
Buy Race Face SIXC 35 20mm Rise Bar
Race Face SIXC 35 20mm Rise Bar
Race Face SIXC 35 20mm Rise Bar description:
35mm handlebars are a bona fide thing these days, and they're not just for the durability-oriented market anymore. Race Face's SIXC 35 2mm Rise Handlebar is made for ripping, with a full unidirectional carbon-fiber construction that's light, stiff, and seriously durable, thanks to the increased diameter. By boosting it to 35mm, Race Face increased the stiffness of the SIXC, which means its engineers can go back and reduce the amount of material used, which actually makes the bars proportionally lighter and stronger than traditional 31. 8mm options. With 20mm of rise, the SIXC is perfectly situated for XC, AM, and even light DH riding, and will work with whatever 35mm stem clamp you're rocking.

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