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Race Face SIXC DH Handlebar

item #RCF000Y
Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $135.99
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Race Face SIXC DH Handlebar
Race Face SIXC DH Handlebar description:
The Race Face SIXC DH Handlebar, with its unmatched durability and crazy low weight, defies riding categories. Race Face starts with its "leading edge" carbon composite material and shapes it into a 785mm-wide bar with 8 degrees of backsweep and 4 of upsweep. The result is bombproof construction and a comfortable configuration. Race Face reinforced the grip areas of the bar to withstand the clamping force of lock-on grips--a no-no with most carbon bars. And while it may not be as light as the company's vaporous Next series of components, this 785mm bar tips the scales at a mere 220g. The Race Face SIXC DH handlebar has a 31. 8mm clamping area and 19mm rise. The bars can be safely trimmed down to 710mm wide.

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