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Race Face Atlas 35 20mm Rise Handlebar

item #RCF000W
Price: $79.99
Sale Price: $67.99
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Race Face Atlas 35 20mm Rise Handlebar
Race Face Atlas 35 20mm Rise Handlebar description:
The 35mm bar clamp diameter is here. Just as 31. 6mm overtook the 25. 4mm standard not too many years ago, the engineers got all engineer-y again and brought out something better. It means stronger, lighter bars. It means better bars. The Race Face Atlas 35 20mm riser bar isn't just a fat-clamp alloy bar made by the Canadian company that laughs at gravity; it's a harbinger of the next wave in cockpit evolution. So how does a bigger bar clamp diameter make a bar both stiffer and lighter' The increased diameter of the bar at the clamp makes it inherently stronger and more resistant to deformation (twisting and bending). The strength gained by increasing the bar's diameter is disproportionately generous to the small amount of additional material used to do so, however, so now the engineers can go back and shave bar material to save more weight without compromising durability -- which, in the case of the geniuses at Race Face, is vastly more durability than most riders will ever need. The result is a super wide bar that manages outrageous strength, yet weighs hardly more, if more at all, than a comparable 31. 6mm bar. The 20mm-rise version of the Atlas 35 strikes a balance between the XC-leaning 10mm-rise version and the gravity-duty 35mm-rise version. The Race Face Atlas 35 20mm riser bar comes in Black, Stealth, Raw, Blue, Gold, Orange, Red, and Green. It's 800mm wide and comes with a 35mm bar clamp area, so it's only compatible with 35mm-clamp bicycle stems. The bar features an 8-degree backsweep, and a 5-degree upsweep.

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